Monday, August 18, 2008

I should say

I'm really glad I came to Prague. Overall, it's been a worthwhile cultural experience, and I'm grateful for the time here. It's just not really the wonder I thought I was getting. And compared to Poland it's a slap in the face. So remember that.

Also, our hotel has a bidet, and that goes in the plus column.


David said...

Hey Dave! Its the other David from the vegetarian table! I stumbled onto your blog completely on accident. How's it going? It looks like you're still traveling -- I wish I was.

Anyway, I'm wary of putting my e-mail on this thinger for fear of spam.. But you can check out my blog over here:

PS: On Prague: we had a different sort of experience.. The amount of tourists sucks, I concur. On the other hand, we found some pretty cheap and good restaurants and didn't have any trouble with the metro or taxis. And our hostel was IN the train station. ;-)

But if ever go back to the Czech Republic, I think I'd rather spend some time in other cities. Particularly I want to see Brno.

Anonymous said...

Hey David!!! I didn't know you had a blog but I came across it through some friends- how fun! I'm excited your having such a good time :) This will help me keep up with you! Just wanted to say hi and we miss you!!!