Friday, July 25, 2008

New Look

Let's just say I don't look like a feminist anymore. I rather look like your average, donkey-talking, Polish hooligan. Well, I actually hope I can maintain a sufficiently intelligent look on my face to get over that, but it's still interesting.

Of course, I want you to read this before you see the pictures, so I'm going to write a little bit of fodder to fill the space and put the pictures (hopefully) down the page.

In an effort to be more healthy, I have decided to stop eating. In Poland, the substitute for meat is mushrooms, and they make me sick. Last night, for example, we were served a sparsely populated plate of boiled dough balls with mushroom gravy. MMM! So, I had my serving of dough balls with sugar, then butter, then plain, then sugar again, and it constituted a few calories. So I'm retaining my staple of bread and jam, and they were actually nice enough to give us more jam last night, so it's not all that bad.

However, I have gone to Subway twice this week, and one day I didn't even bother to go to the cafeteria.

Today in McDonald's there's a crowd of German boys that are dressed in, to my best guess, fireman overalls--it's like a really freaky dream. And they are laughing like my haircut looks. I really shouldn't complain, and I'm not actually complaining because I'm really enjoying the new style. I asked for European and that's what I got. And my hair was too short to do anything major with anyway. After all, I didn't pack my straightening iron.

Anyway, I've held you in suspense long enough. Or else all this filler hasn't been enough to push the pictures far enough down in your window, and it's all a waste of effort anyway. It's alright though: I didn't have to think about anything I've just written, so I've been able to enjoy a crappy Avril Lavigne video.



because I can't resist posting my face all over the internet.


Janell R. Cropper said...

Hooray for you starting your blog up again! It's amazing to read your posts. You really are having an amazing time! I'm almost jealous! I look forward to continuing to keep checking up to see what's happening!

Corwin and Linda said...

I'd never have believed the haircut if you hadn't posted pictures!!! WOW -- if I had ever cut your hair like that I think I would have been in trouble! Enjoy it while you can, though (which is apparently what you've decided to do) -- it WILL grow out (thank goodness!) It is SO fun reading your blog entries, though -- you have such a clever way with words!

Brittany said...

hey! you look great. i didn't know you were back in poland.

Mark & Melanie said...

David you are dead sexy, dead sexy I say. Keep up the thoughtful yet entertaining bloging. I am taking good care of your car and am drivinng it weekly just to keep it company. Cheers!!